Class 3

Class 3

We are a full service Class 3 Dealer which means if you are in the market to purchase or rent a suppressor (silencer) we can fulfill those needs. We carry a variety of brands and models to choose from and can order any model not carried in the store.

We make the process as simple as possible and the purchasing procedure is as follows:

  1. Purchase the particular suppressor that you want.
  2. We complete all paperwork and fingerprints needed for application.
  3. We send off application and retain suppressor until Tax Stamp returns.
  4. You may shoot your suppressor as much as you want until the return of the Tax Stamp. (Suppressor must stay on premises and return to an employee prior to leaving the range.)


We also offer full auto machine gun rentals which include a variety of calibers. A Range Officer will accompany you on the range during the full auto experience and will assist you with your needs.



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